CSA Bouquet Subscription

Farmhouse Floral Co. is now part of a very awesome society that offers lush bouquets created with flowers that are locally grown & harvested in Lake Orion, Michigan. 


Our CSA "Community Supported Agriculture" prepaid bouquet subscription supports local US flower farmers instead supporting other countries where most grocery store flowers come from. Not only are you supporting local but you are also supporting the bees which is very important.


Our local bouquet subscription runs from the end of June through September. Weekly bouquets will be delivered to your specific location and you can pickup your bouquets on the day of drop off. 


You have the option to choose from a 4 week subscription for a $100 or a 8 week subscription for $200. If you would like to pay by credit card please checkout through our online store directly.  *Due to credit card processing fees  prices will be higher*


If you would like to pay by check /cash please fill out the form below and we can set your subscription up through email. 


Thank you again for supporting your local flower farmers!          


Bouquet Pickup Locations

Rochester - Monday Delivery after 1pm

Ruby & Clover Hairdressing

907 North Main St.

Rochester, MI 48307

Lake Orion - Tuesday Delivery after 1pm

Vanity Vixon Spa & Salon

25 South Lapeer Road

Lake Orion, MI 48362

Waterford - Wednesday Delivery


Weekly Bouquet Subscription Signup


Thank you for you bouquet subscription

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